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Remember September 11th

Itís been a year since the attacks of September 11th 2001. Remember the television scenes of the plane crashing into the trade towers and when they came crashing down. Remember the pentagon being attacked. Remember flight 93 and itís crash outside Shanksville, Pennsylvania. This terror attack was not just against our government. Not just an attack on our way of life and our values. This was an attack on the average person of United States. Try for one moment to understand the number of people that died as a result of these attacks. Then, try to narrow it down to maybe just one of them. An average person, someoneís wife, sister, daughter, mother. It could have easily have been a member of your family. These were people just going to work, just going to their job and then planning on returning home to their families and friends, like we all do every day. Their life taken in an instant. At the whim of a so called holy man in Afghanistan. By a group of "religious" fanatics that believe killing these innocents was a holy act. Remember the horror, grief and anger you felt a year ago. I donít only remember it. I still have these feelings. They have not changed during the year. I want to see revenge. Will revenge do anything to bring back the dead or make it easier on us. No, it wonít. I want revenge against those responsible, I want them hit and hit hard. I want the problem solved and those that are responsible eliminated. I want revenge because we owe it to avenge those who have died and to those who were left to grieve. I want revenge for those that are yet to be born. Itís our duty to take care of this problem and be sure that it does not continue into the next generation. Each person that died during the attacks of September 11th affected many other people that knew them. Their deaths affected you and me. Do not falter, or let the horror of that day fade. Never forget. Remember those who have died as though it was yesterday. Remember September 11th.