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The Mystery Gathering on 10/12/02 was a terrific event! Even though we still don't know who Tom No One is, we want to thank that person and every one involved. It's amazing that so many people came despite the drizzly damp weather and the mystery clues to get there. The event stamp by Linda a/k/a Alafair was terrific. This being only our second event, we had no idea what to expect, especially at a Mystery Gathering. It was exciting to see Flutterby again and to get the chance to see the K-Martha stamp and the Roving Pacific Northwest Event stamp as well as to meet the mystery guest. I was able to get a total of 39 exchanges even though I wasn't able to exchange with several that I had met before. Also, had the chance to add 8 new boxes to my count. Chickabirdie took several pictures during the day and we hope the names and faces are correct. If any are wrong, please let me know. Several group photos were taken during the day as people were coming and going. Unfortunately, we can't place the faces in the photos with names: wanted to show how many people that were there at different times. Chickabirdie is sorry if she missed taking your picture but at times, it was a stamping frenzy.

10/15/02 - Second photo gallery added for Linda a/k/a Ms. Alafair pictures just below this photo gallery.

Click on photos to enlarge:

Group Picture

Group Picture

Group Picture

Group Picture

Group Picture

Group Picture

Group Picture

Mad Mary, Mary RI, Dan Caruso

Dan & Donna

Linton & Judi (Psychokiwi)

Jay & Lonemasswolf

Butterfly, Bluebird, Warrior Woman

Bluebird, Butterfly

Debbie & Dad

Mad Mary, Warrior Woman, Trish

Fred, David, Andrew

Katherine & Otis

Katherine & Otis

Chickabirdie & Pam

Chuck & Jay

Linda, a/k/a Alafair presenting K-Martha stamp

The Armstrong's, Al, Ethel, Kyle & Dylan

Karen, Wanda & Pete

Linda a/k/a Ms. Alafair's photo gallery:
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Karen, The Yachtsman (standing), Laurette, Debbie from RI and her Dad (back to us)

Background: Laurette's husband, TrishK, her son. Table: Laurette, Debbie from RI, Mary Manatee, Pam, Mr. Coon. Foreground: Karen

L->R, CSCM Prov RI, Fleurchild, Pam's "Dad"

L->R, Sitting: CDCM Prov RI, Lonemasswolf. Standing: MadMary, Pam, Debbie from RI

Foreground: MaineTig and A.D.; Standing, Alafair; Background: Wanda

L->R, MaineTig and A.D.

L->R, Bluebird, Wanda, Jay Drew