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Original message posted on the talk list on 4/5/03 from Leader of the Pack:
Yes finally the weather and trail at Diana's Pool is somewhat improved! So save April 13 - Sunday at 1 p.m. to Meet the famous Molly Dog and follow her on the trail to 3 boxes in her honor. For those not familiar with Molly's good deed. We had a winter gather at Diana's Pool in honor of Butterfly's birthday. The weather was freezing and there was over a foot of snow. At the end Butterfly had lost her car keys. We searched and searched. Myself and several others. Then Chuck took Molly out to have another look and that little dog walked right up and put her nose on those keys in the deep snow! What a good dog and faithful letterboxer! So we put out 3 boxes to thank Molly and Chuck and Chickabirdie. Of course they will have the only clues that day and they will be posted after the event. So join us on the trail. We will have to park tightly and double up  if there is over flow we will van pool others from the commuter lot where Paddle to the Sea and Falling Stars begins. Come for the three boxes and event stamp and all those wonderful exchanges. Directions: Diana's Pool is a well known eastern Ct. fishing spot with scenic rapids deep in the Hemlocks. Take Rte 6 to Chaplin turn onto Rte 198 Diana's Pool is down 198 1/4 to 1/2 mile on the right note there is room for maybe 6-8 cars if we double up 12-14 and I will van pool others to the site when we reach capacity parking.
  Leader of the Pack

The weather and day turned out perfect. We were able to see many old friends to to greet many new ones. Hope everyone had as good a time as we did. Thank you to Carolyn (Leader of the Pack), Butterfly and Irishtinker for the time and effort put into this gathering and the terrific stamps! Thanks too for everyone who came. It was great seeing everyone. As you can see, we took a lot of pictures and hope we got pictures of everyone. Hope we have all the names right. Enjoy!  Chuck, Molly & Chickabirdie

Click on photos to enlarge:

Molly & Chuck

Molly is very happy to see Butterfly again, Chuck on right

Butterfly, Molly & Chuck

Cody, Pink Trotters, Cowboy & Leader of the Pack

Chuck, Molly & Pete

French Fox & Irishtinker

Butterfly & Lobsta Lady

Miss Mollie (wish I had taken a better picture)

Front: Nappy Kitty, Little Piggy

Back: Teach & Preach

Lori & Brian, aka Team Green Dragon

Jess & Jenn, aka Double Trouble

Lenny & Kathy, aka NeeDeeps

Pam, aka Music Woman

Butterfly & RedBird

Pete & Wanda

Janet, aka Moonstone Baby

Upside Down Party

Molly resting

Everyone busy doing exchanges

Elaine (Cat Lover/Gardener/Teacher)

Dan, Max & Melissa

Rebecca, aka RTRW

Fran, aka Photogal

Sadie & Russ

Molly & Chickabirdie

Molly & Chickabirdie

Chuck busy stamping

Picture of Diana's Pool along the trail to the letterboxes

Dan & Max

Group photo at the "Key" to Mollys Success Letterbox

Another group picture

Group picture taken by Fran

Moonstone Baby & Butterfly, picture taken by Fran

Chuck, picture taken by Fran

Group picture taken by Fran

Chuck, picture taken by Fran

Group picture taken by Fran

Group picture taken by Fran