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Honor and Loyalty

Honor and Loyalty, are these two virtues an anachronism of the past. Who in todayís world would put honor ahead of your personal comforts, your job, or your life? Loyalty? Loyalties are being broken and changed all the time, throughout the world. Many of us make decisions in our lives which strain our loyalties and smear our own honor. To many, they donít even give it a second thought. Do whatever is the easiest at the time. It suits your purposes just fine. Why worry about anyone else? Is there anyone left that keeps their loyalty through thick and thin? When you give your word, do you keep it no matter what, to keep your honor intact? How far would you go to stay loyal to someone close to you? At what stress point does your loyalty strain to the point of breaking, thus losing your honor? I doubt that there is anyone that has been entirely loyal and honorable all of the time. You may stumble along the way. The best you can do is to try your hardest each time a situation presents itself, and do whatever you can to regain your honor if you have taken the wrong road. In my point of view, honor and loyalty are still alive although seldom used or seen. We are in an age where most people think of "me". Loyalty ends when it has an adverse reaction to "me". After all, how far do you go for a friend? Is there a limit? Do you put ideals ahead of physical comforts? To be a person of honor is still possible in todayís world. To be a person of loyalty and honor may not be the easiest or safest thing to do, but it is the right thing, the loyal thing, the honorable thing.