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The Pledge of Allegiance unconstitutional?

There has recently been complaints about having children recite the Pledge of Allegiance in public schools because it has the words "one nation under god" in it. It was recently ruled so in one of our courts. Let us hope that we are indeed a nation under god. Try taking god out of all our government documents and you will see an uproar that will be heard across the land, from coast to coast. Let us hope that our country is under gods guidance and that we show respect to god in our laws of the land. Each person can believe in whatever god they wish. That is not the point. There is a god and he may be called by many names. Take god out of the United States government and our enemies have won. We will be infidels, and they will have a right to call us "the damned United States" because without god, we will truly be damned as a nation.