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Tinkerville Brook

Warning: 8/29/03 A letterboxer has reported bees near the box. Please be aware and use caution.

Placed: 1-26-02
Placed By: WWW (Formerly known as Chuck Straub and his dog Molly
Location: Ashford Connecticut, Windham County

Rated: Easy

Tinkerville Brook is located in the Westford section of Ashford. It is said that it was named Tinkerville because of a small group of gypsies or tinkers that resided along the brook. It is owned by Joshua’s Trust and hikers are welcome.

From the intersection of routes 44 and 89 in Ashford, go North on route 89. You come to a T with a church in front of you. Route 89 turns left here and so do you. Further up the road Route 89 makes a 90 degree right turn. At this point go straight onto Turnpike Road. Go 6/10 of a mile down Turnpike Road and turn right onto Armitage Rd. Follow Armitage Road 7/10 of a mile and the entrance to the property is on your left. It is a small entrance. You can only park a couple cars here. Ahead of you is a metal gate to stop vehicles and a small yellow, wooden sign stating hikers welcome and a sign stating that it is Joshua’s Trust property.

Walk past the metal gate and follow the curved dirt road down hill towards a pond and old gravel pit. Walk along the left side of the pond. You will have to cross a very small intermittent brook and go up and down a steep mound. From this point the trail is well marked with yellow blazed trees. The trail goes up and down on a winding trail. You go through an area that may be a bit wet depending on the season. The trail starts to go along a stream. Follow the yellow blazes. You will pass a large, old, stone bridge abutment . From here to your goal the stream has several small waterfalls and rapids. Nice place for a picnic but no tables are available. Nice views in this area. You quickly come to a Y in the path. Bear right following the stream. You will quickly come to a very large boulder overlooking the stream and the end of it touching the trail. This boulder is just past the 4th yellow blazed tree after the Y in the trail. While standing on the trail next to this huge rock, take a reading of 200 degrees and take 26 steps in that direction. A few steps to your left, behind a large rock, down low, is the goal you seek.

Follow the trail the way you came to go back to your car. A one way walk from your car to your goal takes about 20 to 25 minutes one way.

Before you set out, please read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.

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