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They’re Here, They Are, They Are, They Are

Location: Douglas, MA Worcester County
Placed: 4-28-07
Placed By: WWW (Formerly known as Chuck and Amy)
Rated: Must be able to climb out of a 4 ˝ – 5 foot cellar hole. Wide but very rocky and hilly trail. Estimated 2.75 Miles round trip. 2 Boxes.

5/13/07: Clues revised for box #2.

From the intersection of routes I-395 and 16, take exit #2 route 16 east. When you see the sign for the Douglas town line on the left, continue driving another 2.5 miles to Cedar Street. Drive .7 of a mile down Cedar Street to an intersection and stop sign. Turn right onto S.W. Main Street and drive 2.7 miles to find High Street on the right. Park directly across the street from High Street on the left.

Go around the brown metal gate blocking the trail to vehicles. Cross a nice wooden bridge and quickly come to a 4 way intersection. Go straight. You will pass a small trail on the right, keep going straight. Cross a small stone bridge. The trail is very rocky. You quickly come to a 3 way intersection. Go right, uphill, up the very rocky hill trail. You will come to a point where your trail is going at 100 degrees and makes a very sharp right turn at 190 degrees. On the left, clearly visible, will be an old cellar hole. Walk 20 degrees to a big flat stone on top of the foundation that may have been the front door to the dwelling. Take a reading from here of 70 degrees. Look against that cellar wall and see pieces of brick in the wall. Behind the bricks is a hole containing the Little Weirdo Thing letterbox. It’s about 3 feet up from the ground. 10 brick fragments are blocking the hole. They are the only pieces of brick in the entire outer foundation wall, that I originally found lying scattered on the ground. Do not jump into that hole unless you know how you are going to get out.

After finding the box go back the way you came. At the first intersection you come to, take a right. Continue on this trail until you come to another 3 way intersection. Stop here and go to the tree on the right with several signs on it. At this tree, take a reading of 290 degrees, which leads you to a small cellar hole. Go to the Northwest corner of the cellar and take a reading of 250 degrees. Walk 20 steps in that direction to a fairly flat rock. Look on the ground behind the southwest side of the rock and find the Their Flying Machine letterbox.

Go back to the trail you just came in on and go back the way you came but keep going straight all the way back to your car.

Before you set out, please read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.

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