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In Search of
The Taniwha

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Placed: 17 October 2004
Placed By: Team Psychokiwi for WWW (Formerly known as Chuck and Molly)
Location: Kaikoura, Canterbury, South Island, New Zealand

Taniwha (pronounced "TUHN-i-fuh") are important icons for the Maori people of Aotearoa (New Zealand). For many, Taniwha are a mythical water creature from Maori legend, a guardian of the deep whose role is protector. For others, Taniwha take on a more spiritual role because they represent the links between the cosmological world of the gods and present generations, reinforcing tribal identity and continuity between generations.

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This Taniwha is hiding in a cave along the Shoreline route of the Peninsula Walkway. Find the (signposted) cave between Atia Point and Whaler's Bay. Take twelve steps into the cave and look to the bottom left of the wall - there is a natural nook covered with a rock. Hiding behind the rock is the Taniwha! There should be enough natural light entering the cave to see what you're doing, but if you wish to explore deeper, bring a torch (flashlight if you're an American!).

Music by : Original Midi Files by T.J.Moir New Zealand

Artwork by: Zealand

Greatly assisted by our friends Team Psychokiwi of New Zealand. Without their assistance, this box would not be possible. Thank you! Visit their website at:

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