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Reap The Harvest

Placed: 8-25-07
Placed by: WWW (Formerly known as Chuck & Amy)
Location: Union, CT Tolland County
Rated: Moderate, About 2.5 miles round trip. A lot of uphill hiking.

From the intersection of routes 190 and 171 in Union, take a right onto Route 171 Bigelow Hollow Road and drive 1.3 miles, you will see the park entrance on the left. Drive past the entrance about .1 of a mile further and see places on the opposite side of the road where cars can pull over and park. You will have to turn around and park there, on route 171.

Walk East away from the park entrance up route 171. You will have to cross the street and take the first dirt road into the forest on the right. You will see a blue blazed trail and a sign that says "Yale University School Forest. This blue blazed trail is the Nipmuc Trail. Walk around the orange gate and follow the blue blazed trail. You will follow the blue blazes past 4 wooden benches made from logs, as the trail turns left and uphill. Next you will pass a huge glacial erratic on the left. You will next see an intersection and a sign that says "Myers Forest Demonstration Area" stay on the light blue trail. Next you will pass a sign on the right that says "3 Group Shelterwood" The blue trail goes off the main wide trail and becomes a smaller trail. Stay on the blue. You will continually be going uphill. Keep on the light blue blazed trail until you eventually come to a dirt road running east to west. Cross this road and go to the first blue blazed tree on the other side. From that tree, take a reading of 240 degrees and walk 37 steps off trail to a two sister conifer. At the base of that tree on itís east side under wood and bark, you will find the "Reap The Harvest" letterbox. On the way back, it will seem much quicker. Just be careful to follow the light blue blazes back to route 171.

Before you set out, please read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.

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