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Quiet, Or You’ll Wake The Dead!

Placed: 9-3-07
Placed by: WWW (Formerly known as Chuck & Amy)
Location: Mansfield, CT Tolland County
Rated: Under 1.25 miles round trip.

From the intersection of routes 195 and 89 in Mansfield Center, drive Northwest on route 195 heading to UConn. Drive 4.7 miles to take a right onto Horsebarn Hill Road. Just as you are about to turn, you will see a sign on the left for Husky Village and on the right Jacobson Barn and yellow poultry barns.

From the intersection of Routes 195 and Route 44 known as Mansfield 4 Corners, take route 195 Southeast 1 mile, You will pass one traffic light at the intersection of Moulton Road, take your next left onto Horse barn Hill Road. You will see a sign on the right for Husky Village and on the left the Jacobson Barn and yellow poultry barns.

Drive .4 of a mile down this road to an area on the left that has a white fence around it and a picnic table inside. You will need to turn around and park there next to the small fenced in area.

To the left of the small fenced in area is a map board. Go to it. Walk 340 degrees to the tree line. When you are at the tree line, walk to the right. Follow the red blazes. The red blazed trail is a dead end trail. You will be going to the end of it. You will quickly pass the green trail on the left. Stay on the red. You will go over a couple intermittent streams, which may have water or may be dry. Keep walking until the trail ends at a big rock. Go to the rock. At 120 degrees is a small campfire pit and a cliff. You must take a reading of 240 degrees and walk 23 steps to another large rock. From here, take a reading of 190 degrees and follow that direction downhill to the end of a stone wall. Go on the south side of the wall and walk 4 steps to a large rock protruding out of the wall. Walk another 7 steps and find an upright flat stone against the wall. Remove this stone to find the box.

After stamping in, return the way you came, going back on the red trail.

Before you set out, please read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.

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