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Old Drum

Placed: 7-4-05
Placed By: WWW (Formerly known as Chuck and Molly)
Location: Mansfield CT, Tolland County
Rated: Easy but hilly. About mile one way.

From the intersection of Routes 89 and 195 in Mansfield Center, drive north on route 195 4/10 of a mile to a blinking yellow light. Turn right here onto Chaffeeville Road. Drive 1.3 miles down Chaffeeville road. There is a pull off on the opposite side of the road that will hold a few cars. Just before this pull off is a share the road sign with a picture of a bicycle. You may also see blue blazes on trees on both sides of the road just before the pull off parking area. Just a little further down the road is a place where you can turn around and come back in the other lane to park.

Park your vehicle and walk NW up the road to just before another share the road sign facing you. Take the blue blazed Nipmuck Trail on the right. The north side of the road. Along the way, the trail passes through a stone wall. On top of a small hill there will be a large 3 sister tree on the left and a large rock on the right. Go down the hill and cross an intermittent stream. It may be dry at times. Keep going and you will pass a tree with many initials carved in it. Walk for just a few more minutes and while going up a fairly steep hill you will see two boulders, each about 5 feet high on the right. One of the boulders is 10 feet from the edge of the trail and the other about 4 feet. Some of the sides on these boulders are relatively flat. The two rocks are 5 to 7 feet apart. Go between the two rocks and take a reading of 20 degrees. Walk 37 steps to a boulder by the side of an intermittent stream. Look on the east side of the boulder to find the "Old Drum" letterbox. After stamping in, return the same way you came.

To read the story of "Old Drum" and to find out why I dedicated a letterbox to him, go to the following link. Be sure to read The "Eulogy of Old Drum" by George Graham Vest, which is the whole point of making this letterbox:

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