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The Nightmare

Placed: 8-26-07
Placed by: WWW (Formerly known as Chuck & Amy)
Location: Pomfret, CT Windham County
Rated: About 2 miles round trip. Mostly very level hiking.

Clues updated 7/18/08.

Coming from Route 6, take route 97 through Hampton Center. Stay on Route 97 as it goes out of Hampton. You will see a sign on the right stating that you are entering Pomfret. Take the 2nd right after seeing the town line sign. This is Brooklyn Road.

If you are coming from Rt. 44, go down Route 97 towards Hampton and this will be the second left after the ice cream stand which is also on the left.

Drive .3 of a mile down Brooklyn Road. Just after mailbox #70 on the left and before a big green house on the left is the airline trail. The green house is the old Elliott Station. Park on either side of the road. Walk towards the Elliott station house. It looks like a dirt road or driveway. Walk down this trail past the house. You will walk about .75 of a mile down the old Air Line RR Trail. Take the first trail you see on the right side. There will be 4 boulders to the right of the trail and an yellow no hunting sign on a tree. If you happen to come to a trail on the right with a sign that says New England Forestry Foundation Chase Kimball & Mary Lee Evans Memorial Forest, you passed the trail you were supposed to take. Taking the side trail, you will be walking this trail about 5 minutes to find the site. Walking down the trail you will pass over a stone wall. Continue on and walk over a seasonal wet area and further on an intermittent stream. You will start walking uphill. See an old foundation on the hill to the right and a small path leading to it. If you come to a second stone wall to walk through, you just missed the foundation. Take the small path up the hill to a white birch tree that is against the ruins of the foundation. Walk just to the left of the birch tree three steps to find an upright flat stone in front of a rock cavern. Move this one upright rock to find the letterbox.

Just as a point of interest, looking 50 degrees from the birch, take a look at the large flat semi circle rock on the ground. Also take a reading of 90 degrees to the unusual large rounded rock at the end of the stone wall. Both are a bit unusual to find at an old foundation.

To get back, follow the path back to the railroad bed and turn left going the same way that you came.

Before you set out, please read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.

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