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Here are a few pictures taken at the Mystery Gathering held on 9/20/03 in Rhode Island. We've met so many wonderful people in the past week, that sometimes it's hard to put a name with a face. If we've made any mistakes identifying people or if you know who someone is, just drop me an email. Tom Noone and clan did a terrific job hosting this event. People traveled from near and far. What a wonderful way to spend an afternoon with good people and good food. Our best wishes to the Psychokiwi's for a safe voyage home. They will be sadly missed.

Click on images to enlarge:

Exchanges - stamping, stamping and more stamping going around.

Front Standing, Pete. Front sitting, Jena, blue dragonfly. Person in orange hat, PhytoMaine.

L-R: RTRW, Bookworm

L-R: Warrior Woman, CSCM, Rustypuff

L-R: Alafair, Turtle McQ, Strawberry Girl, Will

L-R: Dylan, Kyle

Brian & Lori, aka Team Green Dragon

Front L-R: Kyle, Dylan

Back L-R: Al, Ethel

L-R: Kathy, Lenny, Janine, Shirley, Chuck. The man hiding behind Chuck is Shirley's husband, Bernie.

Kathy & Lenny, aka The NeeDeeps near the shore of the Mystery Gathering.

Chickabirdie, Chuck & Molly near the shore of the Mystery Gathering

Alafair's journal making class has a rapt audience.

More exchanging going around. Front table, people who faces can be seen, L-R: Bluebird, Butterfly, Darrin, Turtle McQ

Meeting up while letterboxing at Chica Ink.

L-R: The Happy Stamper (a brand new convert to letterboxing), Chickabirdie, The Yachtsman, CSCM & Rustypuff