What a monstrous event! The official head count of people that attended the Mansfield Monster Mash stands at 362.  People came from Connecticut, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New Hampshire, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia and Wisconsin.

Of course, the first group of people we need to thank are the Monster Makers. Without them this event would not have happened. This was truly a letterboxers community joint effort.

We had a lot of help with this event and would like to publicly extend our thanks and appreciation for all that they and everyone did: Catlover/Gardener/Teacher for handling the numerous RSVP emails and keeping us on track with the food and donations items; Pinetree and Wolfy for bringing extra tables and chairs, the Bullhorn (which we really did need), manning the raffle tables, selling the raffle tickets and so many other things that it's hard to name them all, PE Sneakers for helping with the raffle tables, Joe G & Paul of the MapLines for their tremendous help with the parking situation, Brenda of Mom-of-3 for all her assistance, Momma Fox and Bald Eagle for bringing all the cooking supplies. Linda the Hot Dog Lady, Bald Eagle and Dave The Letterboxing Ham for all the cooking, The Columbian Bugs, Nannybell, Joanne, Queen B & Hive, Flutterby and her husband and a slew of others who helped anywhere it was needed. As you can see, we had an awful lot of help and apologize if we missed publicly thanking individuals.

Among the one day only boxes, Event Stamp, Monster Games Stamp, The MapLines Coffin Letterbox and The Great Pumpkin Letterbox, we were fortunate to have several Traveling Event Letterboxes visit the gathering: Roving LbNA Event Stamp, The Cat and the Canary, Cheese Racing Ballot Box, KMartha, Highlander Roving Event Stamp and Opraha. 

On behalf of the hosts, Chuck and Molly, Chickabirdie, The NeeDeeps and Teach & Preach, our most sincere appreciation and thanks to everyone!!



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