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The May Day Gathering was held on Sunday, 5/2/04, at the Pavilion at Quaddick State Park in Thompson, CT. The hosts for this event were: MommaFox & Bald Eagle, The Maplines and Teach & Preach. Despite a drizzly afternoon, it was estimated that about 75 people attended this event and enjoyed a wonderful afternoon of great food, exchanges and of course, letterboxing! The following photos are courtesy of Teach & Preach, MommaFox & Bald Eagle.
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Everyone busy stamping the event stamp

Event stamp table

Wanda & Pete stamping the event stamp

The hitchhiker hostel

Standing: Dan of Teach & Preach & Chuck.

A long day

Standing in the back: Dan of Teach & Preach & Chuck.

Everyone busy doing exchanges

Standing front: Brian of Team Green Dragon. Can't quite see Lori on his side.

More exchanging going on

Of course, Molly was there.

Lots of good food

Pine Tree waving good bye after a great afternoon