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In Search of

Kate Morgan

Placed: 1-24-04
Planted By: WWW (Formerly known as Chuck and Molly)
Location: Bozrah, Connecticut, New London County
Rated: Wide dirt road trail, hilly, easy to find box. About ĺ mile round trip.

Hunting Area: Wear Blaze Orange! Do not even try to get to the parking area with ice or snow on the road. Road is very steep and twisty.

From Rt. 2, take Exit 23 and go south on Rt. 163. Keep going until you come to Bishop Road on the left. You will also see a sign for Camp Tadma. Take a left here. In .2 mile come to a stop sign just after crossing a bridge. Go straight on Bear Hill Rd. Drive up the very steep and twisting hill. the road will pass by a turn around area and then thorough a metal gate. Go past a sign for Bear Hill Management Area on the right and into the parking area. After parking, walk past the green gate. There will be a barn and outbuilding on the right. As soon as you go through the gate turn left. You will be walking east passing down a wide trail that goes alongside a concrete foundation. You will pass by a field on the right as the trail enters the woods. Keep following this wide trail as it goes downhill. As you go along, the trail passes through a stone wall. You are looking for the second stone wall the trail goes through. The trail will take a distinct right turn and soon after that the trail will go through a second stone wall. Stop here. The stone wall on the right is very short. Look 12 feet down the south side of the stone wall on your right. You only have to move this one flat rock to reveal a cavity in the wall and the letterbox. After stamping in, continue back to your car the way you came.

The Story of Kate Morgan

Kate Morgan was born Kate Farmer in Hamburg Iowa. She married Tom Morgan and the couple earned a living by riding the trains, cheating and conning their fellow passengers. Kate traveled by the name of Miss Lottie A. Bernard. Her husband Tom went by the name Dr. M.C. Anderson. Usually Kate would attract a male passenger and tell him that if he wanted to continue seeing her that he must gain the approval of her brother. Of course, her brother was actually her husband Tom. This would eventually lead to a game of cards. Tom would then swindle the man out of whatever he could. Kate would then dump the suitor and the young man would leave with little or no money, and no girl. Tom and Kate would then keep moving with the trains.

In November of 1892, Kate found herself pregnant and wanted to stop the scams and settle down. Tom not only was upset about a possible child, but did not want to stop his lifestyle. The couple quarreled and Tom got off the train in Orange California. Kate continued on to San Diego to stay at the Hotel del Coronado. She expected her husband to meet her there for Thanksgiving. She checked into the hotel on November 24th and told the employees that she was waiting for her brother. Tom never did arrive, and Kate never left. Kate was very depressed and tried to induce an abortion by taking a huge amount of quinine. She also made a trip to town and purchased a gun and shells. Five days after checking into the hotel, she was found dead of a single gunshot wound to the head. Her body lay on an outside staircase leading to the beach. Blood was found on the gun and on her hand. It was quickly ruled a suicide.

In 1990, a book called "The Legend of Kate Morgan: The Search for the Ghost of the Hotel del Coronado" was written by Alan May . His book refutes the suicide claim and gives compelling evidence that Kate was murdered by her husband. A maid that may have befriended Kate is said to have also disappeared at that time. Some suggest that she was also murdered but the body removed by the hotel staff and the story hushed up so as not to arise anxiety with the hotels guests. Since Kateís death in 1892 there have been many instances of paranormal activity at the hotel. One of the hot spots of activity is Kateís room, number 302 which is now 3312. The activity is not confined only to that particular room though. Voices are heard when no one is there. Objects seem to move by themselves, lights flicker, TVís turn themselves on and off. There are unexplained noises, strange unexplained smells, sudden temperature changes, strong drafts even when the windows are closed and even sightings of Kate herself. One of the better known cases is of a secret service agent that was staying at the hotel protecting the president. The agent was staying in Kate's old room. He complained to the management that there was too much noise coming from the room above him. The only problem is Kateís room is on the top floor. Read more about the Hotel del Coronado and the ghost of Kate Morgan at the following websites:

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