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In Search of

The Grays

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Placed: 4-6-03
Placed By: WWW (Formerly known as Chuck and Molly)                                 
Location: Ashford Connecticut, Windham County           
Rated: Moderate

Trail does come near cliffs, lots of hills, some fairly steep.

From the In Search of the Abominable Snowman letterbox go back to the trail and continue the way you came until you get to the intersection you just came from. Beware of cliffs and steep hills. There is a yellow double arrow on the tree. You came from the left but now you have to bear right to the top of the hill. The entire path turns left, away from the cliffs and valley view. A stone wall runs at 300 degrees on your right. You will come to a T, go north, a stone wall will be on your right. Come to a Y at a sunken road. Take the trail at 50 degrees. This could be wet or muddy depending on the time of year. You will come to a double yellow tree. Follow the yellow blazes and go left. You will go downhill and cross an intermittent stream. The trail goes up along the side of a hill. Depending on the time of year, you may see a pond down the hill on your right. The trail continues but turns away from the pond in the valley below. Along this trail the path becomes even steeper. The trail goes right at 345 degrees at the end of a stone wall. Next you come to a tree with 4 yellow marks. Stand on the right side of this tree and take a reading of 310 degrees. This points across the stream to ledge. You have to get to that part of the ledge. Behind some rocks is the In Search of The Grays Letterbox. The trail crosses a small stream as the path goes north. The stream runs from 240 to 60 degrees. On the other side of the stream, you have a short steep step to almost climb up. The tough spot is only for about five feet and you may have to place one hand on the ground to get up it. You could also go around to get back to the trail.

You will continue and cross another intermittent stream. There will be a Y intersection you come to but just follow the yellow which bears left. The trail will go downhill to the biggest stream yet. Still not that big of a stream and you will have no problem crossing it. Cross the stream and head 305 degrees uphill to an area of several evergreens. A stone retaining wall will be on the left. You will pass a well and foundation and quickly come to a T. Go North to your starting point. Be very careful here to follow the yellow blazes or you may end up in someone’s yard. This brings you to your starting point.


The main alien type reported by witnesses, abductee's, government whistleblowers and UFO investigators are the "Grays" They have a large elongated head with slanted, large black eyes. For what you would call a nose, there are two small holes. The mouth consists of a small expressionless slit with no lips. The mouth appears to be non functioning. The Grays seem to have the ability to communicate telepathically with much of the interaction accomplished through the eyes. There are no teeth visible. The body and head are completely hairless. The torso is small and thin and is covered by a metallic garment Arms are long and thin and reach to the knees. Reports about the fingers vary from 3 to 4 long and webbed. The legs of a Gray are short and thin. There seems to be very little evidence of muscle on their bodies. This species of alien, functions in what is defined as a group mind. They do not seem to have individual consciousness. They seem to be a scientific society that is interested in studying other lifeforms. Their main purpose on earth seems to be the study of humans and genetics. There is also the possibility of cross breeding with humans. The following sites will give you more information about Grays: Gray

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