Ginger Meets Molly
Letterboxing Gathering 9/13/03

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Wow!! What a glorious day it was for the gathering...wonderful people, terrific food, great stamps and to borrow a phrase, a very boxious day! The rain held off and people came from Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York and Rhode Island. We estimate about 85 people attended. It was hard to keep track of the comings and goings during the day. It was a great chance to put faces to stamps we've seen only in log books and to make many new friends and see many old ones. We thank everyone who came and want to extend a special thanks to Butterfly, Irish Tinker, Leader of the Pack, Music Woman, The NeeDeeps and Teach & Preach for all their help and creativity in helping to make the boxes for the event. Thank you Jay for putting the list together of area boxes, thank you Dog Scouts Troop for your terrific Visit Michigan Box and thank you to all who brought food. Thanks to Linda for manning the grill and helping with the clean-up. We also need to thank Cre8tiveMom2002 and her letterboxing partner, Adam, for making sure the Looking for Molly HH found us and all the people who helped moved it along to its' goal. Of course, we need to thank the people who started it all, Brett, Penny & Ginger in Oregon!! Even though we were busy doing exchanges most of the day, we managed to take a few pictures.

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Group Photo

Another group photo (very big picture)

Another Group Photo

Another Group Photo (very big picture)

People busy exchanging under the pavilion

Cat Lover/Gardener/Teacher, Madam LadyBug, Paws Across America

Front: L-R: Dragon Lady of the Columbian Bugs, SPIKE, Loar Angies (sitting) Back: Heidi & Steve

At table: L-R: Jay, Ned, Bird Stamper

L-R: Hummingbird, ??, ??, CSCM

L-R: CSCM, Rustypuff, Corrina

L-R: Preach, Teach, Nappy Kitty, Little Piggy

L-R: Smiles, The Engraver, jurneez

Front Kneeling: L-R: Butterfly, Judi of Psychokiwi

Back: Butterfly's granddaughters, Patrick, Linton of Psychokiwi.

Kathy & Lenny of The NeeDeeps


Ladybug98, Molly and Rosiebunny

Pixie Pam & Lil Pup at the To Plant A Garden Is to Believe In Tomorrow table set up by The Engraver

Standing front: Phynstar

Everyone busy doing exchanges

More exchanging going around


Lightning & Jumping Mouse

Bird Stamper & Carolyn

Winter Peace & Lazycat

Dan & Robin of Teach & Preach, Kathy & Lenny of The NeeDeeps

Heidi, Madras, Molly, Chuck

Rustypuff, Nina the dog & CSCM

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