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In Search of

The Ghost of Blue Bell Hill

Location: Burrillville, RI, Providence County
Placed: 4-7-07
Placed By: WWW (Formerly known as Chuck, Amy, and Chickabirdie)
Rated: Approximately 1.5 miles round trip. Hilly.

6/13/09 - Box in great condition. Clues revised due to some tree clearing.

The most famous ghost that appears on the roads of the British Isles is the female apparition known as the Ghost of Blue Bell Hill. Reports of her age and features vary from being that of a 10-14 year old girl, a young lady, or as a scary old hag. In most cases she appears as a young woman. The most intriguing thing about the sightings is that they are so well documented. There are many actual named witnesses and police reports. She has been featured in hundreds of articles in newspapers, books, magazines, TV shows, the Internet and now a letterbox.

The area of the sightings is Blue Bell Hill in the county of Kent, England. Blue Bell Hill is a large chalk hill that features a group of prehistoric tombs which includes the remains of a Neolithic cambered long barrow called Kitís Coty House. The road where the ghost is usually seen follows the route of an old Roman road.

Her first known appearance was in 1934 but she was not seen again until the mid 1960s. Since that time she has been seen on numerous occasions. In most cases a lone male will be driving down the road late at night and he will see a young lady on the side of the road. As the vehicle gets closer, the girl will run out into the road staring right into the eyes of the driver. The vehicle will hit her and she goes underneath the vehicle. The panicked driver stops and looks all around the area but canít find the body. The extremely distraught driver calls the police but when they get there they can find no evidence of any accident, no blood or damage to the car and no trace of the young woman. The witnesses always say that the woman seemed very real, nothing unusual, until they canít find a body. The drivers all seem genuinely deeply upset and truly believe that their experience was real. In other appearances the ghost is hitch hiking, gets picked up, gets in the car and disappears in the back seat or just when she is dropped off. The girl doesnít disappear in front of the driver but vanishes in an instant when the driver isnít looking. In one well known case, a driver hit the young lady which made a very loud bang. He got out of the car and found the girl injured. He pulled her off the road, covered her with a blanket and drove to the police station for help. When emergency help arrived all they found was an empty blanket. No evidence was found of any accident or missing person.

I usually like to refer to several web sites that can offer a more detailed analysis or different views. Although there are many different web sites on this subject, I recommend one that I think does an excellent job and is by far the most thorough.

The Letterbox Clues

Drive north on route 100 from Pascoag RI to take a left onto Buck Hill Road. Be careful the street sign for Buck Hill Road is brown and hard to read. Proceed down Buck Hill Road 2.3 miles to the entrance to Buck Hill Wildlife Management Area on the right. Go up this road .3 of a mile to the parking area.

Go around the metal gate and walk on the trail straight past the bulletin board. When you come to a T go left. Stay on this wide trail, do not take any side trails. The trail you are to stay on is very wide and is known and shown on maps of Buck Hill as North Road. You will eventually come to what looks like Y intersection but is actually a 4 way intersection. Bear right and stay on the widest and most used trail, North Road. You will pass a tree that has a small brown sign with a yellow 7 on it on the left side of the trail, keep going. You will come to a large cleared section on the right, a small section of woods and then another large cleared section. At the start of the second cleared section, you will see a small brown sign with a yellow 16 on the left side of the trail and a large pile of rocks on the left. From the start of this second clearing, walk 91 steps further down North Road Trail to a 6 foot long flat rock on the right. Look behind it to find the "In Search Of The Ghost Of Blue Bell Hill" letterbox. After stamping in, return the way you came.

Before you set out, please read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.

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