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Creatures of Myth and Legend

Placed: 7-3-05
Placed By: WWW (Formerly known as Chuck, Molly and Chickabirdie)
Location: Hampton Connecticut, Windham County

Rated: Moderate. I estimate this hike to be approximately 3.5 miles round trip.

None of the 6 boxes have ink pads. Please bring your own black ink pad.

From the intersection of route 6 and route 198 in Chaplin, head east on route 6 for 2.9 miles. Take a left onto Potter Road. From the intersection of route 6 and route 97 in Hampton, take route 6 west. You will be taking a right off route 6 onto Potter Road. This is the entrance to Goodwin State Forest in Hampton CT. There is a small wooden sign at the entrance. You will quickly find a small but ample parking lot to the right. Park here to start your hike.

Walk past the information stand on the paved path towards the pavilion and start your hike at the gate. There are markers showing that this is the trailhead for the white, yellow, and red trails. Go past this gate and follow the yellow blazed trees. You will soon be walking very close to route 6 so be careful if you have kids or dogs. When you come to a Y in the trail, go left following the white trail along the side of the lake. You will quickly pass over two wooden bridges and small dams. After getting off the second bridge go right and quickly come to a T with the yellow trail. Walk straight ahead off trail 15 steps to a small mound. Go around to the back to the mound to find the Pegasus letterbox.

Go back to the trail and take a right going north on the yellow trail. Continue on the yellow trail. You will pass the red trail on the left and a small man made pool of water on the right. Go straight with the yellow. The trail will come to a T. You will see an old foundation in front of you to your right. Take the trail going right. You soon pass a series of one wooden post on the left of the trail and two posts on the right. A little further you come to a set of posts, one on the left and one on the right. The one on the right has a yellow arrow on it. Turn left here on the smaller yellow trail. Not too far in, you see a tree with 2 yellow blazes facing you. Upon closer inspection you will see the tree actually has 4 yellow blazes. Stop here and from that tree take a reading of 270 degrees and walk off trail to the remains of a small cement dam. From the nearest corner angle of the dam, take a reading of 150 degrees and walk 15 steps to a small group of rocks. There you will find the Greek Sphinx letterbox.

After stamping in, go back on the yellow trail and return to the intersection with the old stone foundation. It is a long distance to the next letterbox. At that intersection take the red trail at 300 degrees. You quickly come to a Y bear right. Youíll pass an old seldom used trail on the left. Bear right on red going uphill. You come to a Y, go left on the red. Stay on the red until you come to a major 4 way intersection. Cross the intersection and go straight at 20 degrees, still the red trail. You cross a wooden bridge and a stone wall follows the trail on the right. Your trail passes an unmarked trail on the right and your red blazed trail goes away from the stone wall. Keep on the red until you see a huge tree on the right side of the trail. Its circumference is about 13 feet. Stand on the left side of the tree and take a reading of 50 degrees. Walk to the stone wall and look over the top. Behind the rubber flap door is the Griffin letterbox.

Go back to the trail and continue following the red blazes. You will come to a crossroads of the red and white trails. There is a tree with 2 horizontal red lines on it, meaning the red trail ends here. The white trail goes left, right and straight. Go west, straight, at 270 degrees on the white. You will be walking over a causeway with swamp on either side. This is the connection to Governors Island. It may at times be muddy. Follow the white to a tree with one vertical blaze over another. It is the end of the trail. From that tree walk back the way you came 50 steps. Turn left and walk off trail 34 steps to a hip high rock. The side facing you is flat. Here you will find the Mermaid letterbox.

Go back to the trail and walk back over the causeway to the double blazed end of the red trail. Follow the red trail the same way you came. You pass the Griffin letterbox and cross the wooden bridge. When you get to the major 4 way intersection, turn left at 120 degrees. You will soon see a blue sign with a white arrow on the right. Just after this tree take the trail on the right. Itís the first right after the previous intersection. Follow this unmarked trail. You will see the remnants of a run down stone wall along the right side of the trail. Just after the wall ends you come to a tree that fell across the trail and was cut to allow passage of the trail. There are cut logs also around the trail. There is a stone wall that starts just past the fallen tree on the left. Go to the left side of the roots of the fallen tree. Take a reading of 90 degrees and walk off trail 33 steps to a cut log standing upright on a rock. Behind the rock is the Unicorn letterbox.

Go back to the trail and continue the same way you were traveling. Your trail will merge with the red blazed trail. Bear left and follow the trail at 200 degrees. Just before you get to the main intersection with the stone foundation, the red trail takes a very sharp right turn. Stay on the red as it goes off at 260 degrees. Keep going, you will start to glimpse the lake through the pines on the right. Stop at the first wooden post with a red blaze on it. At this post take a reading of 285 degrees. Just over the small stone wall is the Phoenix letterbox.

Go back to the red trail and continue the same way you were going. Take the next right trail at 260 degrees and walk down to the water. You will come to a T with the white trail. Go left on the white trail following the lake. You will come to the wooden bridges and dams you passed when you started your hike. Follow the trail back to your car.

The starting point is the same starting point as The Ants Go Marching, Welcome Ginger, A Birthday Surprise letterboxes.

You are also very close to the starting point of Bear Family, Amour, and The Tree Is Me letterboxes.

Before you set out, please read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.

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