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Bark At The Moon

Placed: 8-27-07
Placed by: WWW (Formerly known as Chuck & Amy)
Location: Chaplin, CT Windham County
Rated: Uphill, rocky, about 1 mile round trip.

2/22/16 - Box checked and is in place and in good condition by WWW.

Itís just as hard finding the trail as it is finding the box.

From the intersection of routes 6 and 198 at Sherman Corner in Chaplin, take route 198 3.3 miles and take a right turn onto Natchaug Street. Drive on Natchaug Street .2 of a mile and take your first right this takes you .1 of a mile over a bridge above the Natchaug River to a stop sign. At this stop sign, take a left onto Marcy Road and drive .3 of a mile. Stop just before a wood guard post on the right with a reflector on it. The blue blazed Natchaug trail will be on your right going uphill.

Park on the right side of the road and follow the blue blazed trail on the right side of the road uphill. As you walk uphill, you will cross an intermittent brook with large rocks in it. Further along you go to the left around a large fallen tree. Keep going on the blue blazed trail until the trail takes a distinct left turn and you are on level ground. In front of you there should be a sign that says "Orchard Hill Lookout" to the right. Right near this tree is a small stone seat. You might want to walk over to the overlook while youíre there, itís a nice view. Go to the tree with the sign and take a reading of 335 degrees. Walk 30 steps to a big fairly flat rock. Look on the West side of this rock. In a small cavern behind a rock and a couple pieces of wood is the letterbox. To get back, go the way you came. Itís much easier though since itís all downhill.

Before you set out, please read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.

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