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The Stones Brook Letterbox

Location: Eastford, CT, Windham County
Placed: 6-29-02
Placed By: WWW (Formerly known as Chuck and Molly)
Rated: Easy

(Store Bought Stamp)

Coming from the intersection of 44 and 89 in Warrenville (Ashford) take 44 East for 3.3 miles. Coming from the intersection of routes 198 and 44 in Phoenixville (Eastford) take 44 west for .9 of a mile. You will be looking for the spot where the Natchaug trail crosses route 44. There is a blue oval sign on each side of the road showing where the trail is. You will have to park off the shoulder of the road. Headed west from Phoenixville seems to me to have the best area for parking. Same starting point as Bigelow Brook Letterbox.

This is a short and fairly easy walk. I think you will enjoy it. Take the Natchaug trail south. It starts off as a dirt road. There are foundations on the left and a stone wall at 220 degrees. Travel the road following the blue blazes. You will come to a Y in the trail. This is the first time that you can bear right. Do not go right up into the field. Bear left and continue on the road. You will cross an intermittent brook, pass a curve and start going uphill. You will see a path at 240 degrees to your right. This would be the second time that you are able to take a right. Take this uphill path. It is the blue blazed Natchaug Trail. You will pass an old foundation on your left. The trail bears left uphill and you will see a rock indicating a left turn. The trail will be up on a hill with the stream below on your right. The trail will start going downhill and will come to a T in the trail. Go right as indicated by the blue blaze on the tree. You will come to a wooden bridge. Cross the bridge and take 28 steps down the trail. You will see a large rock on the east side of the trail next to a tree with a blue blaze. Look on the southeast side of the rock. You will see an opening in the ground behind the rock. The letterbox is in that opening. 

Before you set out, please read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.

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