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The Lost Marker Letterbox

Placed by: WWW (Formerly known as C. Straub and his dog Molly)
Date Placed: December 29, 2001
Location: Mansfield Center, CT Tolland County
Rated: Moderate

You will need to take along your own stamp pad and a compass .

From the intersection of Rt. 195 and Rt. 89 in Mansfield Center, proceed North towards UConn. You will shortly take a left onto Clover Mill Road . As soon as you turn onto this road, park on the right, There is room for a few cars to park there, on the corner. Now you must go by foot. Cross Clover Mill Road and go towards the stop sign. Near the stop sign , you will see a path going into the woods and a wooden sign labeling the path as Indian Trail. This is a part of Schoolhouse Brook Park. Follow that trail. As you travel the trail you will cross a crumbling stone wall. Further up you will cross a four plank wooden bridge over a tiny stream. Shortly you will pass over a larger bridge and wider stream. Crossing the bridge you go between two large evergreens and continue down the Indian trail. The path ends and you must choose right or left. Be sure to make the right decision. As you travel on this new trail, the path is as wide as a dirt road. When you come to a Y in the trail, do not travel up the Hall. The trail gets smaller and soon you cross a four plank bridge, over a small stream that is usually dry. A rocky twisting path this is. Stick to your trail, no skiing we will do. Still rocky, winding and hilly you finally come to a upside down Y. Bear left. We will not ski today. From this upside down Y in the path, 115 steps you will take. On the right, a foot or two off the path is a medium sized oak tree with several rocks leaning against it. This is a near a curve in the trail. Stop on the path in front of that oak and get out your compass. Now off the trail and south you will go. Yes, up that hill and through the brush and trees. Constantly looking at your compass, keep going South. Do not wander off the track as you go south of that oak. Over the rocky wooded ground you go. Itís not so hilly anymore. Next up a bigger hill, over the top itís not so hilly but still very wooded. Constantly looking at your compass do not wander off a southern route. Do not go down a hill and into a small valley. While standing on the hill in front of this valley, look to your left and you should be right at your goal. There is a sloping boulder with a stack of stones on top of it. The stack of stones is three to four feet high. On the southeastern side of the base boulder along the ground you will see large stones leaning between a dead tree trunk and the boulder. In a hollow on the ground, between these stones, dead tree trunk and the base boulder is your prize. You have found the Lost Marker letterbox . You may have to move a few of these stones to get to the box. Beware of creatures that may be in this covered spot. The original piled stones on top of the boulder should not be moved these were placed long ago and may have historical value. There is also no need to move any of these. The rocks around the dead tree trunk and base boulder were placed there by myself and can be rearranged if necessary. This is where your prize is, take your time to mark the books. No one will see you here. To get back to the path, constantly walk North and you will arrive on the same trail you left within a few feet. I counted 220 steps to get back to the trail. From there, backtrack down the paths to you car.

Before you set out, please read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.

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