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Putnam Air Line Bridge

Placed: 5-10-02
Placed By: WWW (Formerly known as Chuck and Molly)
Location: Putnam Connecticut, Windham County
Rated: Easy

In Pomfret, take route 44 into Putnam. When route 44 crosses the Quinebaug River take an immediate right turn and drive along side of the narrow park which runs along the river on your right. Pull into a parking lot as far down as you can. when you see the Pallflex Company on your left quickly followed by a huge old stone bridge abutment, you are at the parking area. You may pass it and have to turn around.

Walk down the side walk to the pedestrian bridge which was made on the site of the old air line bridge. It was destroyed in the flood of 1955 and never repaired as a rail road bridge. After crossing the bridge, go directly up the very steep hill in front of you. On the top you are on the old air line rail road bed, high above the surrounding ground. You will come to six large quarried stones. Follow the old rail line. You will pass under some power lines. Keep on the rail road line until you see a small stream which passes under the rail line. On your left you will see the stone lined area where the stream comes out. Go to the edge of that and take a reading of 30 degrees. Take 8 steps to an oak tree. In the back of the tree, under woods and a few rocks, is the letterbox.

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