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Hidden Fish Ponds

Placed: 10-15-02
Placed By: WWW (Formerly known as Chuck Straub and Molly)
Location: Windham Connecticut, Windham County
Rated: Moderate

Clues updated and modified 7-13-05

Short Walk. Maybe ¼ mile. Rated Moderate due to the compass work and off trail hiking.

From the intersection of Route 6 and 198 ( known as Sherman’s Corner) in Chaplin, go north on the road going up the hill. Although unmarked at this point, this is Chewink Road. You will travel 2 miles from that intersection to your destination. From the intersection keep going until you come to a stop sign at 1.7 miles. This is the starting point of the Ghost Train Letterbox. Go through the intersection and bear right at the Y. There is a sign stating "Back Road to Windham". From that sign drive 3/10 of a mile up that road.

You will see on your right a green bar across a trail. Park along side the road and go down this path. It is a very short walk to the waters edge. Turn right here going north and right away come to another intersection and a second pond. Take the trail going northeast. It will turn and end up going along the shore and between 2 ponds. The trail may be somewhat overgrown and muddy. You will come to a small rock campfire circle. From that campfire site, go 350 degrees off trail into the woods, 65 steps to a painted rock. From the rock, go 285 degrees, 30 steps to a large pine. Take a reading of 250 degrees and walk 50 steps to a man made pile of rocks. Go 10 degrees 55 steps to 4 oaks growing together from 1. Next, take a reading of 330 degrees and go 55 steps to a large rock. Your last reading is 280 degrees, 17 steps to a high point of a stone wall. Go behind the wall and move 1 flat thin upright stone at ground level to reveal an opening in the wall with your prize. After stamping in, go back the way you came.

Before you set out, please read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.

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