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Hampton Reservoir

Placed: 3-1-02
Placed By: WWW (Formerly known as Chuck Straub and his dog Molly)
Location: Hampton Connecticut, Windham County
Rated: Easy

From Rt. 6 take Rt. 97 into Hampton Center. Go through the center of town and continue past the elementary school. You will turn left onto Kenyon Road. There are signs on the right of 97 stating that this is the turn for Trailwood and also there is a boat launching sign. You continue on Kenyon Road and you will pass the entrance to Trailwood which will be on your left. Take a left onto Griffin Road which will be the first left after Trailwood. Continue on Griffin Rd for about 4/10 of a mile. You will have to look for the old railroad line on this road. You may find parking along side the road for only a few cars. This is the same starting point as Trailwood’s Back Door Letterbox. Park your car and walk down the railroad bed headed East. The rail line is very straight. It frequently has wet or muddy spots on this part of the Air Line railroad trail. Keep walking until you come to an area that the rail road cut through rock, leaving rock sides on both sides of the old track. You will notice a depression filled with water or mud between the rail line and the rock wall on the right . Continue on until you see a large rock "bridge" crossing the depression. Walk over the rock crossing. At 240 degrees, you will find a large arched tree. The letterbox is 11 feet west of the tree, along the rock cliff. The sides around the box are surrounded by rock but you do not need to move any rocks to pick up the letterbox.

The starting point for The Pony Express Box is from this box.

Before you set out, please read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.

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