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Ghost Train Letterbox

Placed: 10-15-02
Placed By: WWW (Formerly known as Chuck Straub and Molly)
Location: Chaplin Connecticut, Windham County
Rated: Moderate

10/5/10 - Box is confirmed as in place and in good condition by WWW.

From the intersection of Route 6 and 198 ( known as Shermanís Corner) in Chaplin, go north on the road going up the hill. Although unmarked at this point, this is Chewink Road. You will travel 1.7 miles from that intersection to your destination. From the intersection keep going until you come to a stop sign at 1.7 miles. In front of you to your right and left is plenty of parking. You will have no problem finding a spot. This is the starting point of the Ghost Train Letterbox.

Walk up the hill going east down the old Air Line Railroad Line. About ĺ of a mile down the line, you will come to stone ledge on both sides, which were cut through when the line was built. Your quest for the Ghost Train begins on the left side. You can start looking for the spot when you are past the half way point of the stone ledge. You are looking for something abnormal. Something that would be suitable for the hiding spot for the Ghost Train. Where else does a piece of a railroad tie come out of solid rock. It is in plain view between 3 and 6 feet off of the ground. Remove the piece of tie and find the Ghost Train Letterbox.

The Ghost Train was originally known as the New England Limited or the White Train. It rode the famous Air Line rails which were the fastest route between Boston and New York. The first trip of the Ghost Train was in 1891. This was a deluxe train that was a favorite of the business men, wealthy and the prominent citizens. President Benjamin Harrison came to ride it as it gained national attention. The cars were painted white and gold and had all the luxuries of the time. The sight of this white train speeding through Eastern Connecticut at twilight eventually gave it the nickname "The Ghost Train".

When searching for "Ghost Train Letterbox" consider "Hidden Fish Ponds Letterbox" itís only 3/10 miles away.

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