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General Lyon’s Birthplace

Placed: 1-26-02
Placed By: WWW (Formerly known as Chuck Straub and his dog Molly)
Location: Eastford, Connecticut, Windham County
Rated: Moderate

Clues revised 1/22/07

Hunting is allowed in this forest. Wearing bright clothing is advised. I estimate this hike to be 1.25 miles one way.

Brigadier General Nathaniel Lyon was the first Union General killed in the Civil War. He is credited with saving Missouri for the Union and losing his life in the process. All that remains of his birthplace is a large stone fireplace and chimney.

From the intersection of routes 198 and 44 in Phoenixville, proceed south on Route 198 1/10 mile, quickly taking a left turn onto General Lyon Road right after the commuter parking lot. Drive 3/10 of a mile on General Lyon Road taking your first and only left onto Pilfershire Rd and going over the Natchaug River. Drive 1.7 miles on Pilfershire Road, passing King Road on the left to take your first right onto an unmarked road. There is a sign here painted on a post saying this is the direction to Unit Hqters. Drive 3/10 of a mile down this road to take a right into General Lyon's Homestead. There is a pull in here. Park along side the road that goes around the standing fireplace of the old homestead. There are picnic tables available here for a nice picnic.

Walk to the NW part of the field and follow the blue blazed trees down a dirt road over a small stream. This blue blazed trail is the Natchaug Trail. The trail turns right and you will quickly come to a 4 way intersection. Go straight, down the blue blazed trail. After walking about 20 minutes or more from your car, the trail will be on the side of a hill with a stone wall on the left side of the trail. On the bottom of the hill, in the valley is the Natchaug River but you cannot see it. The trail will turn away from the wall. After about a 10 minute walk, the trail passes through a stone wall. This is the only stone wall that the trail has passed through. Stop at this wall. On the south side of the stone wall follow the wall east. You come to a corner of the wall. Cross over this and continue following the same wall. You will pass 2 large oaks that almost touch the wall and then come to a large oak that has a large crack from the ground up. The top of the tree is broken off. In the hollowed out area is your prize, covered by a rock, bark and sticks. Backtrack to get to your car.

For more information about Nathaniel Lyon, the following websites are recommended:

Before you set out, please read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.

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