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Forgotten Woodpile

Placed: 1-5-02 (clues revised 9/26/10)
Placed by: WWW (Formerly known as C. Straub, Barbara Straub and our dog Molly)
Location: Chaplin, CT Windham County
Rated: Easy

(Store Bought Stamp)

9/26/10 - Box is confirmed as in place and in good condition by WWW. Clues have been modified due to new blazing in the area as well as a change in the landscape.

Although most people think of the Goodwin Forest as being in Hampton, the letterbox and most of the route is just over the town line and is in Chaplin. Going from North Windham head east on route 6. Take a left onto Potter Road. This is the entrance to Goodwin State Forest in Hampton CT. There you will see a wooden sign stating this and a sign which states Pine Acres Lake. There is also a boat ramp sign. Follow this road a short distance to 11th section Rd which is a right hand turn. Travel down 11th section Rd 1.3 miles where the road turns sharply and there is a sign that says Esterbrook Rd. Bear left here onto an unmarked road which is actually Nutmeg Lane. Travel 3 tenths of a mile. You will see several paths that cross the road here and a blue over white marked trail on each side of the road. Park on the right side of the road. There is room for several cars here.

Follow the blue over white blazed trees which are on the right side of the road where you are parked. Following this trail you will come to a Y in the path. Bear left and leave the blue over white blazed trail onto the unmarked trail. You will come to a point on the left side of the trail where the top part of a tree broke off and fell across the trail. The main trunk of the tree is standing and broken off about 25 feet up. (Don't be fooled by another tree that broke off prior to this on the right side of the trail). Take 36 steps down the trail from this broken off tree. Look to the right, at 60 degrees and see the remains of four long rows of wood piles. The wood piles have long since rotted but the remains are still there. Go to the last row and look behind it on the far right corner of the woodpile. There you will find the letterbox in a rock cavern with a wood door front. Remove the wood door to find the Forgotten Woodpile Letterbox. Just backtrack to get to your car.

To get to the box will take you about fifteen minutes. The starting point where you parked your car is also the starting point of the Black Spruce Pond letterbox walk and both can be done easily in one day.

Before you set out, please read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.

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