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In Search of


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Placed: 3-17-03
Placed By: WWW (Formerly known as Chuck Straub and Molly)
Location: Mansfield Connecticut, Tolland County
Rated: Easy

Clues revised 5/11/07

Coming east on route 6, from Willimantic, turn left at the traffic light, at the intersection of route 6 and route 203 A sign points to Mansfield Hollow. Cross the bridge over the Natchaug River from North Windham into Mansfield and immediately take a left on North Windham Rd. This road is not marked by a street sign. This is a dead end road. Go about 3 tenths of a mile to find a yellow bar across the road and a gravel parking area on the right. This is a large parking area and you will have no problem parking here.

This area is the Field Trail and Wildlife Management Area. It is open to hunting, and is used by the Field Trail people teaching their dogs hunting and retrieval. The area is used on many weekends for dog field trials. When this happens, it is closed to other use. There will be signs at the parking area if it is for field trials only that day. This is the same starting point as In Search of Nessie Letterbox.

In Search of Caddy is about a 1.2 mile hike, round trip. Nice enjoyable, scenic hike. From where you entered the parking lot, go through the closed gate into the hay field. Do not go down the paved road. Follow the trail north across the field to the tree line. Here you will find the well marked, blue blazed, old Mansfield Hollow Trail. You will come to a Y in the trail, go left, still following the blue blazes. You will come to another Y, bear left again with the blue blazed trail. Next you will go through two stone walls and walk along the top of a ridge. The trail will go down to the valley as your path takes what looks like a backwards S. Be careful here. Be sure to follow the blue. You will come to a T with a trail that has the width of a dirt road. Go left here still following the blue. Within seconds, come to another T. Go right with the wide trail following the blue marked trees. Travel uphill after going over a very small culvert. This path is as wide as a road. You will see blue arrows showing you that the blue blazed trail goes left. Follow the blue. You will come to a spot where a stone wall is on the right and Naubesatuck Lake is on the left. The stone wall runs slightly up, then down a slope. The wall runs at 60 degrees from the trail. Follow this wall on itís southeast side for 55 to 60 feet. Look in a hole in the wall under a bunch of sticks and wood to find Caddy. Carefully follow the blue blazed trail back to the parking area.

In Search of Caddy

Off the coast of North Americaís Pacific Northwest lies one of the deepest trenches in the world. The coastline is very rugged and has numerous inlets and bays. In this habitat lives Caddy. The story of Caddy dates back in time to Native American legends. They already knew of Caddy before the arrival of the white man. The name Caddy is short for Cadborosaurus. This name is taken from Cadboro Bay, Canada, between Vancouver Island and the Mainland of British Columbia, which is a well known area for sighting Caddy. His range seems to be from Alaska down to Oregon. It's dimensions range from 5 to 15 meters in length. The body is snake like with a head which resembles a horse. It is said that it can reach speeds of 40 knots on the waters surface. There are no reports of Caddy attacking or being a danger to humans. Find out more about Caddy at the following websites.

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