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The Beaverdam Brook Letterbox

Placed: 6-29-02
Placed By: WWW (Formerly known as Chuck and Molly)
Location: Eastford, Windham County, CT
Rated: Moderate

Clues updated 7/18/08.

From the intersection of routes 198 and 44 in Phoenixville, proceed south on Route 198 1/10 mile, quickly taking a left turn onto General Lyon Road right after the commuter parking lot. Drive 3/10 of a mile on General Lyon Road taking your first and only left onto Pilfershire Rd and going over the Natchaug River. Drive 1.7 miles on Pilfershire Road, passing King Road on the left to take your first right onto an unmarked road. There is a sign here painted on a post saying this is the direction to Unit Hqters. Drive 9/10 of a mile down this road to an intersection of a road that comes in from the right. Go straight 1/10 mile and see a sign on the left for Beaver Dam Marsh. Park around here and go to the sign. Standing in front of the sign take a reading of 310 degrees. Go across the road to the blue blazed trail entrance.

Proceed into the woods down the trail until you cross a wooden bridge over the Beaverdam Brook. See the ruins of an old mill on your left. Follow the blue blazed trail downstream until you come to two evergreen trees growing from one. You will see several trees like this but only one that has all the details listed here. Although this tree is 10 steps off the trail to the right, the tree has a blue blaze on it. The tree is on flat ground and has over a dozen flat rocks leaning against itís east side. At this spot the brook is flowing predominately west and the trail is also. Standing beside the tree take a reading on your compass of 185 degrees and go 23 steps to a space between two rocks. Go 150 degrees 5 steps to a rock. Stand on top of that rock. Go 105 degrees 46 steps to a large rounded rock. Go 140 degrees 6 steps to a small stack of four slabs of rock one on top of the other. At the bottom southwest side is an opening covered by smaller flat rocks and you can get the letterbox here. Short walk but lots of trees and rocks to choose from if you are not careful. Good luck.

Before you set out, please read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.

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