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Placed: 4-21-02
Placed By: WWW (Formerly known as Chuck Straub and Molly)
Location: Mansfield Connecticut, Tolland County
Rated: Moderate

Clues updated and revised 10/6/06

This box is part of a series of letterboxes being planted in honor of Mansfield’s 300th Anniversary, 1702 – 2002.

This section of Mansfield is known as Atwoodville and once had two silk mills along the Mount Hope River, which was used for waterpower. This walk will take you by some foundations, ruins, and stonework of one of the mills. While there you may want to look upstream of the bridge and view the beautiful rapids. If you fish, you may want to take advantage of one of Mansfield’s great fishing spots. If the local rivers are at flood stage, do not do this letterbox until it returns to normal.

From the intersection of Rt. 195 and 89 in Mansfield Center, take Route 89. Pass the Library, Southeast School, and continue over the dike. Start looking for Atwoodville Rd which will be on your right. Take Atwoodville Rd. you quickly come to a curve where Atwoodville Lane comes onto Atwoodville Road. You should probably park around the corner on Atwoodville Lane due to the no parking signs along Atwoodville Rd.

After you park, walk down Atwoodville road to the bridge. Near the sign with the bridge weight limits, go south. At the sign with a cross country ski sign, a blue diamond and a no vehicles sign by the DEP, go 80 degrees. Follow that path down to and along the waters edge. Continue down this fisherman’s trail along the Mt Hope River away from the bridge. You will soon notice an old stone wall at 80 degrees and a long ditch at 250 degrees, 15 feet from the stone wall. This ditch is an old canal going to the silk mill. You will come to a stone washout on the path at the end of the stone wall. From here you will go off trail and bushwack the rest of the way. Go 270 degrees off the path and over the canal to the other side. Turn left following the canal. The canal will start taking on structure with stone retaining walls on both its' sides. The canal turns and goes through the ruins of part of the silk mill. Notice the interesting stone arch as the canal goes under ground. Find where the canal comes out of the ground again and keep following it, staying on the north side of the canal. You will pass another small stone foundation on your right.  Follow the canal just a little more until it empties into the river. About 20 feet from the river you will see a large rock laying on the ground that points into the brush and a lone conifer on a hill. You have to get to this conifer. Standing on the pointing rock, looking away from the river, go 350 degrees, 14 steps to a rock on your right. Take 8 steps 290 degrees to 3 rocks and 1 flat rock. This area is at times wet and muddy. Continue at 260 degrees another 11 steps. Go 180 degrees to the only pine. You will be going up a steep hill. When you get to the pine, go 190 degrees to the oak with several holes along the base. This oak is also on the side of a steep hill. In this hole in the oak is the letterbox covered with bark and sticks. If you have trouble finding your way back, just follow the river upstream and you will soon find the fisherman’s trail along side it. Follow the trail upstream to the bridge.

Before you set out, please read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.

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