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Ashford’s Nipmuck Trail Letterbox

Placed: 10-15-02
Placed By: WWW (Formerly known as Chuck Straub and Molly)
Location: Ashford Connecticut, Windham County
Rated: Moderate, hilly, rocky. Almost 2 miles round trip. You will have to climb up on some rocks to get the box.

(Store bought stamp. The original stamp placed there in 2002)

You will be passing Ashford’s Nipmuck Picture This Letterbox.

From the intersection of route 44 and 89 in the Warrenville section of Ashford, proceed north on route 89 one mile and take a left onto Perry Hill Road. You will be driving 1.8 miles down Perry Hill Road. When you enter Perry Hill Road, drive until you come to a stop sign and go straight here. At the second stop sign bear right and proceed until you come to the blue blazed Nipmuck trail on the left and right. There is a small parking area with room for several cars on the left.

Cross the road and follow the blue blazed Nipmuck trail. Hike until you pass through 3 stone walls and cross over a wooden walkway. You will next pass the end of a stone wall on the right. You soon pass through a stone wall and again quickly again pass the end of a stone wall on the right. The trail goes alongside a stone wall on the left for a distance before the trail joins an old overgrown road. The blue trail joins this for only a short distance and veers off to the right. You are getting very close to your goal. After starting to go uphill, rounding a curve, on the left will be a hill with huge boulders on it. You will come alongside a boulder with  a couple dozen smaller stones piled on top of it. This boulder is within 7 feet of a small blue blazed maple tree. If you look from the direction you came, you will see the last blue blazed tree is marked .9 near the bottom of it in black on a blue background. From this pile of rocks on top of the boulder, take a reading of 350 degrees and proceed up the rocky hill to find an opening that is partly covered by a couple smaller rocks. Behind these rocks is an opening. You may need a stick to get the box within reach.

To return to your starting point, be careful and follow the blue blazes the way you came.

Before you set out, please read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.

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