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Airline Hampton Station

Placed: 1-11-02
Placed By: WWW (formerly Chuck Straub and his dog Molly)
Location: Hampton CT, Windham County
Rated: Easy, 1.2 miles round trip
Store bought stamp

10/14/10 - Box checked and is in good condition by WWW.

Take Route 6 to the intersection of 6 and 97. Take Route 97 through Hampton Center. Go through this historic town center. Remember to keep your speed down. Low speed limits on this road. Keep going on Route 97. You will see the Hampton Elementary School on the right. Take the next left onto Station Road. Stay on Station Road avoid turning off onto other roads. After a while you will come to the intersection of New Hill Road and Station Road. There will be a white house on the left and the old rail road bed crosses the road after that house. On the right you will see what looks like a very large old wooden barn and usually a few truck trailers in the yard. This was the site of the old Hampton Station. This area was once filled with activity due to the train station. You may park your car on the left side of the road on the old railroad line property. The old railroad line is state property and is considered a linear park open to the public.

Go past the green gate and follow the rail line on the side of the road in which you parked your car. As you travel along the line which is as wide as a dirt road, the line curves gradually to the right. You will pass between 2 swamps. A large one on the right and a small one on the left. Here you have a good chance to observe wildlife activity. I have seen many different birds and other wildlife here. It was one of Mollyís favorite swimming holes and is now one of Amy's favorites. You come to the end of the left swamp. Keep going. You come to the end of the right swamp. Keep going. As you go along you will pass a path as wide as a road on the left followed quickly by a smaller path on the left. Keep going. You will pass a path on your right with no trespassing signs. A bit further you will notice a stone wall up a small hill on the left side. The wall will turn at a 90 degree angle to the left followed quickly by a 90 degree angle to the right. There you will see a huge boulder. The front of the rock facing you has an overhang which a person could fit under lying down. You will have to cross a muddy ditch and go uphill to this huge boulder. Under this overhang where the boulder touches a tree you will find a couple rocks under the over hanging boulder. Under these two rocks is the object of you quest. Bring your own stamp pad. One way walk should take about 20 minutes but take your time and enjoy the view.

And remember the Air Line Railroad and the famous Ghost train that traveled this route on itís way to Boston or Willimantic.

Before you set out, please read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.

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