Welcome to Molly's Page and her photo gallery. We are heart broken and saddened to say that Molly died on 6/10/06 from melanoma cancer. She was truly loved and will be deeply missed.

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Molly Einstein Straub was born on 1/26/98 and became a member of our family on 4/13/98. This picture is her as a puppy when we first got her.


Molly's Letterboxing Stamp

Chuck and Molly 6/98

Molly as a puppy

Molly on rock at The Church Farm, Ashford, CT 10/10/98

Molly 12/20/01

Molly on the trail in Hampton, CT in winter 2000-2001

Molly at home on our deck

Molly on the Winter Trail in Hampton, CT

Molly's feline sisters & brother, now known as the "terrible trio", Daisy, Lilly & Max. They became members of our family on 11/23/00.

Max & Daisy playing in Molly's water bowl. There had been water in the bowl.

Max watches to see what Molly is doing.

This is Lilly trying to play with Molly on the computer.

Lilly again on the computer

Max, Lilly & Daisy after a hard day of playing

Just off the trail in Lebanon, CT, Molly finds a place to swim and get a drink.

Molly near Leonard's Bridge Station Letterbox in Lebanon, CT 5/11/02

Molly sitting with fellow letterboxers at Mansfield Hollow Dam's 50th anniversary and Mansfield's 300th Anniversary on 8/3/02

Letterboxers table in Mansfield, CT 8/3/02

Chuck & Molly at The Drew Clan's Canopy Rock Letterbox 9/14/02

10-15-02 Molly at Ashford's Nipmuck Picture This Letterbox

10-15-02 Molly at Ashford's Nipmuck Trail Letterbox

9/14/02-Chuck & Molly at Haley State Farm, Groton, CT

6/27/04-Chuck & Molly on the trail of Native American Traditions & Trees in Mansfield, CT