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Welcome Ginger Letterbox

On October 21, 2002 a hitchhiker was released in Oregon by Brett, Penny and their dog, Ginger, called "Looking For Molly". The stamp was an image of Ginger and the goal was to have this hitchhiker travel from their home in Verona, Oregon to reach Molly at her home in Mansfield, CT. Upon learning of the release of this hitchhiker, a hitchhiker called "Molly Looking For Ginger" was released from Mansfield, Connecticut by Chuck, Molly and Chickabirdie. The goal of this hitchhiker was to make itís way to Ginger in Verona, Oregon.

The Molly Looking for Ginger HH found Ginger in Oregon and was returned home to Mansfield, CT in August 2003. The Looking for Molly HH, from Oregon, made it to Molly in Mansfield, CT on August 28th 2003. As a result, a Ginger meets Molly letterboxing gathering was held on 9/13/03 to celebrate the meeting of the two hitchhikers. After the gathering, the Looking for Molly HH was returned to Oregon and the Molly Looking for Ginger HH was retired.

A series of letterboxes were made for the gathering, left up for about a month and then taken down. One box was permanently left in place to remember the gathering. It now also serves to remember Ginger the fine golden retriever from Oregon that the event was honoring. It is with sadness that we learned that Ginger passed away on February 18, 2006.


This is the letterbox left from the gathering and now serves to honor the memory of Ginger.

Placed: 9-13-03
Placed By: WWW (Formerly known as Chuck and Molly and Chickabirdie)
Location: Hampton, Connecticut, Windham County
Rated: Easy, less than one mile round trip

From the intersection of route 6 and route 198 in Chaplin, head east on route 6. Take a left onto Potter Road. From the intersection of route 6 and route 97 in Hampton, take route 6 west. You will be taking a right off route 6 onto Potter Road. This is the entrance to Goodwin State Forest in Hampton CT. There is a small wooden sign at the entrance. You will quickly find a small but ample parking lot to the right. Park here to start your hike.

This walk takes you down next to route 6, along the shore of Pine Acres Lake, around a small loop, over the dam and back to the starting point. Approximately 1 mile, mostly level, wide, dry, trails.

Start by going down the park road towards the lake. Take your first right, past the gate and follow that trail which is as wide as a road. The trail will take you alongside of route 6 so please be careful with kids & dogs. You then come to a Y intersection. Bear right at this intersection. Cross over a wooden bridge on your way to your goal. Keep walking down the trail. You will walk over 1 drainage pipe which runs under the trail with guard posts on each side of the trail.

You will pass a left hand turn. After passing by the turn, count 38 steps down the trail and quickly come to 3 oak trees growing from 1. It is about 4 feet from the left edge of the trail. Look behind the tree in a cavity in the stone wall. Here you will find the "Welcome Ginger" letterbox.

Go back to the trail and walk 38 steps back the way you came. This takes you to a right hand turn. Take this turn. Continue on the trail and cross 2 bridges. You come to an intersection, continue straight and you will go back to your starting point.

For pictures and information about the gathering, click here.

Before you set out, please read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.

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