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Walk Like An Egyptian

Placed: 9-1-2005
Placed By: WWW (Formerly known as Chuck and Molly)
Location: Mansfield CT, Tolland County
Rated: Moderate, hilly, about 3.25 miles round trip.

There are no ink pads in the 5 boxes. Please bring your own black ink pad.

From the intersection of routes 195 and 44 which is known as the Mansfield 4 corners, go east down route 44 1.5 miles and take a right turn onto Old Turnpike Road. Drive .3 of a mile to find 2 metal posts with a cable between them and several painted rocks on the left side of the road. There is room here for a few cars to park. Park here to start your journey into ancient Egypt. This is the UConn Forest. You will most likely see different types of experimental stations along your walk. Please do not touch them.

Walk around the posts and cable and follow the light blue blazed Nipmuck Trail that is as wide as a dirt road. You will come to a Y. Bear left staying on the blue blazed trail. The trail becomes narrower here. Youíll pass the "No Parking" tree, the significance of which escapes me. Soon you come to a T at the riverís edge. We all know it must be the Nile but everyone else calls it the Fenton. Go east still following the blue trail. The trail follows along the bank of the river. You come to a small clearing with a campfire circle and a right hand bend in the river. The blue trail goes off to the right, follow it. Cross an intermittent stream. The trail starts going uphill and will be about 30 feet above the river. There is a steep drop off here, be careful. The trail quickly comes back down. Start looking for a stone wall that the end comes to the trail on the right. On the left is a concrete marker. From here, walk (96 feet), 37 steps along the blue trail to a pile of rocks on the right and an unmarked trail. Take a right here onto the unmarked trail. You will quickly come to a small fire circle and a fork in the trail. Bear right here. The trail runs alongside a stone wall on the right. When you see that stone wall ends, go to it. At the end of the wall, take a reading of 285 degrees. It points to the corner of another stone wall. Walk to it and cross over it. Follow that wall 340 degrees 44 steps to an oak tree 53 inches in circumference. Behind the tree and next to the wall lift the black cloak of mystery to find sign of the ankh. Under the ankh is the home of the Sobek letterbox.

Learn about Sobek at the following websites:

After stamping into the Sobek letterbox you must embark on the longest hike between letterboxes in this series. Follow the stone wall back to the trail. Continue on the trail in a generally western direction. If you have any problem following this unmarked trail, donít worry. It is very short and all you need do is keep the stone wall to your right and the small stream to your left. You quickly come to a T with a wide trail. Follow the trail south over the small stream. After crossing the stream, walk another 33 steps and turn right, west, onto the yellow blazed trail. As you walk you will pass a nice campfire ring on the right and soon come to an intersection. Follow the trail northeast crossing over the stream. From here to the next box is almost all uphill hiking. Stay on this trail. You will come to an upside down Y intersection with the green blazed trail that joins in at 30 degrees. Follow the yellow/green trail at 280 degrees 58 steps to another intersection. Go right at 300 degrees following the yellow trail. On this trail you will pass a white blazed trail on the right. Stay on the yellow. From here, look for the first stone wall that the end of the wall touches the right edge of the trail. Stop here and take a reading of 200 degrees. Walk 16 steps to a long line of large single rocks. The rocks are lined up as though they were going to be the base of a stone wall but other rocks are not piled up on to of them. Follow the line of rocks 170 degrees, taking 48 steps. Look on the southeast side of the rocks. Search for the pyramid under a veil of darkness. Under the pyramid is the tomb of the pharaoh.

Read about Pharaohs at the following websites:

After stamping in, go back to the trail and follow the trail east, downhill, the same way you came. You now have a mostly downhill walk to find 3 other treasures. You will pass the white trail on your left. Bear right, keep going on the yellow. Come to a Y intersection; bear left on the green/yellow trail. Walk 58 steps to another Y intersection. Go left 30 degrees with the green blazes. The trail serpentines up a small hill and then back down again. Keep going until you are about to cross through a stone wall. Stop here and turn right following the wall on the southwest side. You pass an opening in the wall but keep going. When the wall comes to a corner, turn right, cross over the wall and keep following it. Go west following the wall on its south side 48 steps to where the wall meets ledge. Keep following the base of the ledge for 16 steps. Look on top of the ledge and you will see the stone wall. The ledge and the few rocks on top of it making a wall make a turn here creating a small corner. Go up the hill to the space between the corner and the oak tree growing alongside the ledge. It is not in the wall, it is not in the ledge, on the ground near the tree and ledge, move the stone of Anubis to reveal the cavern of Anubis.

Find out about Anubis at the following websites:

Return the way you came to get back to the trail. Back at the green blazed trail, follow it at 55 degrees, crossing over another intermittent stream and soon going through another stone wall. Keep following the trail downhill until you come to an unmarked trail going off to the left, north. This is just before you are about to go through the opening of another stone wall. Turn left here onto the unmarked trail. A stonewall will be on your right and your trail soon passes through it. Next you soon pass a fire pit on the left. This trail comes out to a T intersection with a much wider dirt road type trail. At the intersection, stop and take a reading of 70 degrees, cross the trail and go to the large rock just to the left of the end of a stone wall. Take a reading of 30 degrees and walk off trail 46 steps to a tree with an opening on the bottom, sealed with a rock door. Remove the flat rock and remove the bricks sealing the scarab letterbox.

Find out about scarabs at the following sites:

Go back to where you left the trail. Follow the trail 110 degrees downhill. You will pass a group of old artifacts, mostly metal objects people have found in the woods and lined the trail on the left. Next you will pass the intersection of the green trail on your right and left. As you are going downhill, you will see a stone wall with ends on the right and left of the trail. Stop here and follow the wall on the left of the trail on its southeast side. There will be an opening and another wall joining it on the left. Cross over the wall and go to the northwest side of the T. Lift the curtain of uncertainty and remove the eye of Horus to reveal the Horus letterbox.

Find out about Horus at the following websites:

After stamping in, return to the trail and continue following it 140 degrees downhill. You cross a small intermittent stream. You see a major trail coming in to your trail from the north. Turn here and take it. You will have a stone wall on your right for a short way. You cross an intermittent stream and go slightly uphill. Next you pass a trail coming in from the left at 250 degrees. Keep going bearing right and quickly cross over a small stream and come to the intersection with the blue trail. Turn left 330 degrees and follow it back to your starting point.

Before you set out, please read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.

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