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Molly died on 6/10/06. Her stamp and the personal traveler have been retired.

Molly and I have our own personal traveler. To get us to stamp your log book, all you have to do is ask me when Molly and I are both there. If Molly isnít around, no traveler. The same goes for the wooden nickel. We would be happy to give you one if you ask in person, when we are both there. With the wooden nickel, it is also possible to find one. If you do, you are welcome to it. We will occasionally leave one in a letterbox or at a location on the trails, in the woods, etc as we travel. Remember, the wooden nickel is not a stamp and cannot be counted in any letterboxing category, but the traveler stamp can.

Here are images of Chuck and Mollyís personal stamps, our traveler and our wooden nickels.

  Chuck's Personal Stamp                      Molly's Personal Stamp            Chuck & Molly's Personal Traveler

Chuck & Molly's Wooden Nickels

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