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Molly Looking for Ginger Hitchhiker

Retired 9/14/03 - See *Update below

Released: 4-13-03
Released By: Chuck & Molly
Released in: Mansfield Connecticut, Tolland County
                  (Mollyís Home)

This Hitchhiker has an objective. We are trying to get this hitchhiker to the West Coast to be found by Ginger, the golden retriever letterboxer. To do this, we need to move the letterbox west. We want to get it to the Vernonia, Oregon area which is near Portland. Ginger has her own web page which you can see at the following link: . While there, take the time to view the rest of her familyís website. At the bottom of Gingerís page is a link to the rest of the website. Please help get this hitchhiker to her. Here is a picture of Ginger:

To find out who Molly is, go to her web page at this link:

*Update: The Molly Looking for Ginger HH found Ginger in Oregon and was returned home to Mansfield, CT in August, 2003. The Looking for Molly HH,  first released on October 21st, 2002 by Ginger in Oregon, also made it to Mansfield, CT. As a result, a letterboxing gathering was held on 9/13/03 to celebrate the meeting of the two hitchhikers. After the gathering, the Looking for Molly HH was returned to Oregon and the Molly Looking for Ginger HH was retired. To see a recap of the gathering along with pictures, please click here.

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