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In Search of
The Cottingley Fairies

Placed: 9-23-03
Placed By: WWW (Formerly known as Chuck and Molly)
Location: Hebron Connecticut, Tolland County
Rated: Easy

Clues Updated 5/21/07

About a .5 mile round trip walk, if you can drive to the trail head.
A little less than 1.5 miles if you have to park near route 85

Located at Gay City State Park, Route 85, Hebron CT.

Drive into the park entrance, past the winter parking area, and travel .4 of a mile to a small path on the right side of the road. The path has a sign labeling it as "Split Rock Trail". Total distance from the sign to the box is .25 of a mile. Follow the trail, just after passing a stone wall on the right, you come to a fork in the trail. Go on the trail to the left at 340 degrees. To find the Cottingley Fairies letterbox you must go to the spot where the glaciers of long ago deposited a boulder. Over many years this boulder broke apart into 3 large parts and a few smaller ones. This is a special place where trees grow from rock. Go about 5 feet behind the middle boulder, the tallest of the three, one of the special ones from which a tree grows. Under a pile of much smaller rocks is an opening partially covered by sticks. In the cavity is the prize. Just be careful that some other creatures havenít crawled in there besides fairies. After finding your prize, return the way you came.

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