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Squirrel’s Treasure

Placed: 2-2-02
Placed By: WWW (Formerly known as Chuck Straub and his dog Molly)
Location: Mansfield Connecticut, Tolland County
Rated: Moderate to Difficult

You will want to take a compass and a tape measure on this one.

From the junction of Routes 89 and 195 in Mansfield Center, proceed on 195 towards UConn. Turn left onto Clover Mill Road. Proceed west on Clover Mill Road until you see a sign indicating a turn for the Public Works Department, Dog Pound and Bicentennial Pond. This sign is your starting point. Park along side of the road near this sign. Stand in front of the sign and take a reading of 140 degrees. Follow this reading to the start of a trail. Follow the white blazed trail until you come to a T. At this point take a reading of 230 degrees and proceed in that direction still following the white blazed trees. The trail twists and turns it’s way through the woods. Look on both sides of the trail for gray weathered rock out croppings which are in slabs, having many holes, and spaces. The spot you are looking for will be no further than 70 feet from the trail. It will be clearly visible. It is not a stone wall. This is a natural rock out cropping. Don’t be fooled by the single large rock you will pass that has some characteristics to your goal. After this rock, you will pass through a stone wall and see an area that could be of interest to you but proceed onward and pass the large white quartz rock in the middle of the path. From here you are on your own. You have many choices. If you proceed to an intersection, you have gone too far. What you are looking for is in this layered rock with many nooks and crevices. The treasure is completely surrounded by the rock. It lays in a hollow of the rock. All you need do is move one small rock and open this rock door to your treasure. The rock door is near a oak tree which is over 49 inches in circumference. From the center of the North side of this oak, take a reading of 300 degrees and it is 57 inches away. The rock door is also 48 feet from the center of the trail. Once you find your goal, you will see that there are actually two containers. A treasure chest has the stamp and another container has everything else you need. Follow the same route back to your car.

Before you set out, please read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.

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