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Putnam Air Line Gorge

Placed: 5-10-02
Placed By: WWW (Formerly known as Chuck and Molly)
Location: Putnam Connecticut, Windham County
Rated: Easy

From Pomfret take route 44 east towards Putnam. When you come to a blinking light and a road sign showing that this is the town line with Putnam, take a right turn. If you are coming from Putnam, take route 44 over the Quinebaug River towards Pomfret to a blinking light and a road sign showing that this is the town line with Pomfret. Take a left here. You will come to a stop sign. Keep going past the rolling farm fields to the east. After the farm fields, you will have to look to your left and right to find where the old rail road line once went under this road. At this point the road will be high above the rail line below. Parking is not so good here but you should be able to find a parking spot or two. Go down the hill to the east side of the road. You will be in a gap with large, high rock sides on both sides. As you walk along, think of all the work done long ago to cut through this. You may notice that there are iron rods still stuck in the rock ledge from the time of the building of the rail road. The letterbox will be on the south side of the line. You must look for a point with sloping ledge, with 3 iron rods diagonally up the slope. Beneath that there are 3 more rods in no particular order. One of them is hard to see. Walk over to the lowest rod which goes into and through the rock, bends and comes out of the bottom which is low enough to touch. Put your compass under the rod and take a reading of 290 degrees which points to a small rock covered area behind the rock is the box. If for some reason you cannot see the rods, go down the trail until you see large boulders that had fallen into the ditch on the north side of the trail. Take a reading of 240 degrees, cross the trail and look there.

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