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Elliott Station to Abington, Airline Trail &
Abington on the Air Line

Both letterboxes are in the town of Pomfret Connecticut, Windham County and on the same abandoned rail line. To do both boxes will be 4 miles round trip.

Clues modified 7/18/08.

7/19/09 Update: Due to construction in the area, the Abington On the Air Line box has been pulled and is out of service until further notice. Elliott Station box is still in place.

Placed: 1-17-02
Placed By: WWW (Formerly known as Chuck Straub and his dog Molly)
Location: Pomfret Connecticut, Windham County
Rated: Moderate

Elliott Station

Coming from Route 6, take route 97 through Hampton Center. Stay on Route 97 as it goes out of Hampton. You will see a sign on the right stating that you are entering Pomfret. Take the 2nd right after seeing the town line sign. This is Brooklyn Road. If coming from Rt. 44, go down Route 97 towards Hampton and this will be the second left after the ice cream stand which is also on the left. A few houses down on the left stands a large green color house with a rock in front of it engraved Elliott Station circa 1870. There is parking on the right side of the road for several cars.

Walk towards the Elliott station house. It looks like a dirt road or driveway. Walk down this trail past the house. You will pass a blue bar barrier. After passing this barrier you will be walking on the old airline railroad line. You will travel a little over a mile from this point to get to the first box so I will leave a lot of small details out. Keep on the track bed. On the right you will come to a sign stating: New England Forestry Foundation and No Hunting signs. Keep going on the rail line. You will see a distinct left turn in the track. Along this curve there will be a big evergreen on the left with large branches over the rail bed. This will be the only one you see like this on your walk thus far. After this pine, look for the third evergreen on your right. It is the biggest of the 3 on the right 8 feet from the old track. Right in front of that pine is a tree that was taken down by beavers. Right in front of that is a small pile of broken white and red bricks. On the left directly across the track from these is a rock out cropping and ledge going up hill from the track. Stand next to the pile of bricks and take a reading of 270 degrees. This is where you must go up a steep embankment to a large rock about 10 feet off the trail. To the left of that rock is a small group of rocks. The letterbox is there. If you somehow go more than 25 feet away from the old track, you definitely passed it. This area is the only area of rock outcroppings on the left. After finding this box continue in the same direction to the Abington On The Air line letterbox.

Abington On The Air line

7/19/09 Update: Due to construction in the area, the Abington On the Air Line box has been pulled and is out of service until further notice.

The curve on the trail gradually turns to a straight trail. Keep going until the rail line goes under a road. Facing the bridge over head, go to the right concrete corner of the wall holding up bridge. You do not have to go under the bridge. Follow the concrete up the hill as though you are going to go up to the road. You will see mid way up that there are 2 large man cut blocks of stone with a gap between them. Between the two stones is the Abington On The Air Line letterbox. It is covered by 1 flat rock. It could have leaves or other debris over it because it is on a slope of a hill. After finding this box, follow the rail line back to your car. It will be a two mile walk from here.

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