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Barrows Pond

Placed: 1-5-02 Placed by: WWW (Formerly known as C. Straub, and my dog Molly)
Location: Mansfield, CT Tolland County

Rated: Easy

Take Rt. 195 in Mansfield Center to Clovermill Road. This will be a left hand turn. Follow this road to the gravel parking lot on the right. This is Schoolhouse Brook Park.

Cross the road to the only trail which is Barrows Trail. Go about 20 feet and quickly come to a Y in the path. Take a left and walk alongside Barrows Pondís NE shore. Come to a Y in the trail of Barrows Trail and Ski Trail. Here you will see a man made dam taken over, and the level raised by active beavers. Bear left and take the ski trail. You will come to cross a very small bridge. Keep following the white blazed trees which mark the trail. Follow the trail uphill until you come to a four way intersection of paths. The paths that converge here are Heritage, Barrows and Ski Trail. Take out your compass and go down the trail which is at 300 degrees. The trail goes down hill to the waters and dams edge. Go left along the shoreline staying about twenty feet from the shore. Quickly you will come to a bit of a clearing where the beavers have been very active chewing the trees. Look for a tree with an aluminum square nailed to it by 4 nails. The square is about five inches by five inches. From this tree go South 57 steps to a tree in which two oaks seem to come from one base. In the Y of this tree covered with sticks is the Barrows Pond letterbox. Backtrack from here to get to the parking area.

Before you set out, please read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.

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